Men’s Brows

What are Men’s Brows?

Most men understand that bad or unruly brows (unibrows) can take a toll on their appearance. And they also may notice their brows thinning as they age. Brows are an important facial feature especially for men, who typically, do not hide behind brow makeup like women. Our NJ brow studio offers all men the right to symmetric, maintained eyebrows that remain masculine and natural-looking. We recognize gentlemen have different needs when it comes to grooming; some want to keep a more “rugged” brow without looking too manicured, while other men want more polished “statement” brows. Our technique and grooming style ensures that every man leaves Brow Eyed Girl looking like a cleaner and more confident version of themselves.

Brow Eyed Girl’s men’s eyebrow services give men in Millburn, NJ, Essex County, NJ, and across New Jersey the attention their eyebrows deserve. So be proactive about your grooming regimen, and if you’ve never had a brow service, now’s the time.

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