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What is an Areola Tattoo?

Areola Tattooing Helps NJ Women Restore Breasts to their most Natural Form

Brow Eyed Girl’s New Jersey permanent makeup studio is proud to offer areola nipple tattooing for medical purposes. Although permanent makeup is commonly used for aesthetic appeal, we are honored to use our permanent makeup techniques to heal. Many breast cancer survivors use areola tattooing to mark what they have been through and create something personal. Each client and their story is special to us and we are dedicated to providing restoration to each survivor seeking this service. Through advanced innovative technology and artistry, we ‘create’ an areola after breast reconstruction. Areola tattooing places pigment in such a precise way to closely resemble realistic 3-D areola on one or both breasts.

Benefits of areola tattooing include:
  • Minimized appearance of breast scars
  • A more natural-looking color 
  • Restored areola color
  • A more natural-looking shape
  • Restored confidence after breast cancer treatment

When can I book my areola tattooing appointment at Brow Eyed Girl NJ?Before getting a tattoo your mastectomy operation sites must be completely healed. This may take up to a year or longer. You should have also finished any chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment. We ask that you check with your treatment team before booking.What is the areola tattooing procedure?

What is the areola tattooing procedure?

First, know that a tattoo is a permanent mark on your skin made by ink or pigment. We inject dyes using needles directly under the skin, piercing the skin repeatedly until the tattoo is drawn. No local anaesthetic is given, therefore the tattooing process can range from slightly uncomfortable to completely pain-free depending on the person.

What are the risks of getting a nipple tattoo?

We use one-time-use sterile tattooing equipment. The Brow Eyed Girl studio is 100% germ-free and sanitized between clients. However, with any procedure there are always risks:
  • Site infection 
  • Changing your decision– tattoos can be removed, but the service is expensive and can be very painful.
  • Color (pigment) Fading – sometimes pigments fade over time. We do our best to provide aftercare instructions such as avoiding swimming or sunbathing for two weeks after having a tattoo to reduce the likelihood of discoloration. 
  • The tattooed area may be swollen and possibly red 

Please contact your doctor immediately if any redness or swelling doesn’t go away and you develop a high temperature or feel feverish. You may have an infection. If you think you have an infection contact your doctor as soon as possible as you may need a course of antibiotics.

Women in Millburn, NJ, Essex County, NJ, and the Tri-state area can find solace and confidence after their Mastectomy procedure, by having areola nipple tattooing services at our Brow Eyed Girl PMU studio. For questions or more information regarding this services please email

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